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Burnley 1 - 2 Chelsea

Antonio Conte recognized desire, devotion, and sacrifice as crucial ingredients in Chelsea winning back league matches for the first time since December.  It'll console Álvaro Morata to understand the Chelsea manager believed he embodied all of them.  As they preserved hopes of Champions League qualification, Morata misses were the only blot on a night for Conte's staff at Burnley.  Spain threw his boots away in disgust before receiving a pat and exchanged words.  Victor Moses' minute winner guaranteed the striker total contribution alongside Olivier Giroud was a consolation to Conte, while it can hinder his chances of starting Sunday's FA Cup semi-final against Southampton and, Morata's overlook didn't matter.

"I believe Álvaro must be mad because when you've got an opportunity to score, especially for a striker, it may change your confidence," the Chelsea manager said.  "I think he was angry with himself for the opportunity he missed but I saw an excellent performance.  I'm happy two strikers tried.  They performed very well.   This could be an alternative for the future and Sunday.  It can be a fantastic choice when players show you this need and sacrifice themselves with no ball for the group." The FA Cup might have assumed greater significance than Conte dared imagine back in August but he and his players aren't giving up on a top-four finish lightly.  They're five points adrift of fourth-placed Tottenham with four games to play but their excellence over a Burnley side that hadn't lost at Turf Moor since 20 January, and had the chance to leapfrog Arsenal in sixth after five successive league wins, should restore belief beyond Wembley. agen sbobet

Conte made six changes to the side that defeated last weekend to Southampton in the league.  He shifted Chelsea's formation also, opting for Giroud and Morata in the head of a 3-5-2 with Pedro in central midfield, but there were no signs of disturbance as the people gave a commanding screen. 
His spouse was introduced by the former Arsenal striker over James Tarkowski with a flick.  The run of Morata took him broad but his shot was to hit at goalkeeper Nick Pope's legs and divert broad. The England World Cup hopeful Wasn't so blessed from Chelsea's next attack.  Moses was the instigator although credit is due to Gary Cahill, with a run that captured Stephen Ward unawares.  Moses pulled on his cross back.  Pope's palms got there but only succeeded in directing the ball against Long's thigh and arm before it fell slowly over the line.

Giroud delivered Morata through on target for another time for Pope to deny the Real Madrid and Juventus striker his 15th goal of the season. Conte had no complaints about Morata's work speed or the pace that often stretched Burnley. His finishing was a thing that is different, however, when sent clear and there was no example of his lack of composure. Kanté was the supplier, discharging Morata from within the Chelsea half and intercepting Matthew Lowton pass.  The striker galloped through along with when Pope remained on his line his choices appeared to improve. Before being replaced by Eden Hazard, who brought a calm assurance into the 22, it would be his last contribution. 

Morata's miss assumed greater importance when Burnley leveled courtesy of a crazy deflection away Barnes' heel.  His luck tried from distance and it paid dividends when his team-mate struck and sailed to the far corner.  Chelsea players converged to protest that Barnes was.  He was flat with Cahill whenever the ball was struck and Burnley was back in the match. Emerson made an impressive display on the left for Chelsea and it was his hunting cross that made the winner for Moses.   Moses drilled a low shot beyond Pope hard-fought win.
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The Premier League in Asia is a Much Tougher Prospect

Spanish teams might have been knocking English teams from Europe this season but hard the Premier League in Asia is a much tougher prospect.  La Liga has talked of making inroads and, like a Rocky Balboa, it's prepared to do whatever it takes to knock on the grizzled No 1. Regardless of the PR overdrive, it will be tough to get a league that's always appealed more in the Americas compared to Asia but, with diverse strategies that don't rely upon the tired route?one approach of sending glamour teams east every other summer, La Liga's strategy is almost tiki-taka?esque. The possibility of competitive matches, unprecedented loan prices, real partnerships, corporate prices, extensive social networking engagement in addition to the apparent attractions of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, constitute a cell challenger that needs to be taken seriously.

The notion of "Game 39" has been savaged a decade ago when increased by the Premier League but it's currently on the Madrid table. "La Liga is international entertainment and we would like to grow the worldwide appeal," the president, Javier Tebas, said in September. "As part of the effort, we're discussing the option of playing the league games out of Spain." That's nothing.  In January nine players were sent on loan in Spain. La Liga is eager to increase its popularity in the continent and the nation although fans there might not enjoy it.  Individual clubs shortly announced sponsorship deals with companies that were Saudi. After poorly received Asian excursions, such as Real Madrid to China in 2005 and Barcelona's trip to South Korea five decades later, teams that behaved as if they had been doing fans a favor, there's now a new breed of La Liga official. agen judi bola

They're more humble and more ready to treat counterparts in England on an equal footing than their predecessors in Spain and a number of their counterparts.  Soccer people in China and south?east Asia whisper these officials have the energy and ambition that the English hadn't long ago. 
La Liga is studying and so is Asia.  Ben Tan, the deputy chief executive of the Thai League, says: "We all know there have been issues in the past with one-sided agreements but we are prepared to work together and make a win-win circumstance."  This month the Thai League is to announce a partnership and Malaysia did something similar.  Tan adds: "We'll work together on childhood development and promotion and all sorts of fields. "Real Madrid and Barcelona do not need any advertising but we could work with groups such as Real Zaragoza, for instance.  The Premier League could be the most entertaining league but there's room for Asian lovers to look at other leagues."

Barça and Madrid are possibly the two biggest clubs in the world but are seen nearly as different from La Liga itself.   Football is aggressive and there are clubs for fans but just two in Spain.  If you would like Chinese fans to watch more matches, then there must be more than just two clásicos every season."
Few would deny that the quality on the pitch is higher in Spain but that's not the prime factor it off.   Little difference was made by Atlético being possessed until February. Spain must attempt to cancel out specific in-built advantages that the Premier League has.  England colonized areas of that link and the continent exists.   Liverpool might not have won the league since 1990 but their 70s and 80s victories provided a foundation for continued widespread support, particularly in south?east Asia.  Ironically Spain's only colony of any dimension the Philippines, in the area, is.

Very few journalists speak Spanish.  All will have the ability to read and comprehend rumors English Premier League reports and comments and to replicate them.  Much of the soccer news in Asia comes via London rather than Madrid. Nations with few historical links to England such as South Korea and Japan have grown to understand the Premier League nicely by sending some of the best players there.  The club was not only helped by Park Ji-sung winning medals it made all of the other teams in the league marketable and more comfortable. What Spain can do - as well as the UK's tough work permit laws provide an edge here - is position their clubs are the first destination for its future gift that will eventually emerge in China, India and south?east Asia.  The benefits of being home to the soccer superstar that is Chinese would be the stuff of dreams for suits in Spain.   says Bi.  "It would give La Liga a real increase in China."
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